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School Stationary Donation Program -Anuradhapura, Yahalegama School

In 2017 with the extraordinary generosity of the community, we fundraised for Anuradhapura, Yahalegama Schools Project.



A/ Yahalegama Vidyalaya is a rural school with 76 students studying in 2 buildings. The parents of the children of this school are living in the midst of severe economic difficulties and it is difficult for them to even provide the basic materials required for their children’s education.  Therefore, every year the school takes the initiative and distributes school equipment to the children through a resource person.  We, Sethma Seth Lanka undertook this work in 2017.



Despite the economic difficulties, the villagers and the school staff organized a heartfelt & warm welcome. 



Our team provided 76 children with a package containing their entire school booklist, stationery, and all required materials. It was so touching to see how those children’s faces would light up with joy when we handed them their gifts. Their wide smiles made us realize how something as simple as a gift could be so precious to these disadvantaged children!  



On behalf of Sethma Seth Lanka, we would like to express a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this possible by either providing a donation or volunteering their time at our donations.  A special thank you to the hardworking School Project Team!

February 2023


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